RV Tanks, Care & Maintenance

Oh, joy, let’s talk about black tanks! 

RV owners love nothing more than going out, picking up a dry-rotted sewer hose, and having it break in their hands. Gross!

Before we get into the tanks as it were. The best advice I can offer about sewer hose, get a perfect one! Rhino makes a sewer hose. I use it. The tube can take on any climate.

motor home, travel trailer, fifth wheel

Gray Water Tanks, shower water, dish sink, and bathroom sink.

Black Water Tank, toilet water.

When you hook up at the campground, I open my Gray water tank valves when hooked to the sewer system. This way, if taking a shower, the water does not back up into sinks or the rain because the tank is full.

Some folks will say they use the gray water tank to rinse the hose. Most RV’s have a black water flush, which is better than using gray water.

Trailers equipped with black water tank flush systems. When possible, use the system with each use. If you forget, let the system run for five to ten minutes, and you will be fine.

Two ways to clean a black tank safely:

  1. Empty basin and rinse with foot flush. Close tank valve add water with Dawn® specific dishwashing liquid. Let sit for an hour or so, and then use the clean tank flush, run for thirty minutes. 
  2. When towing your travel trailer or fifth wheel. Put 20 lbs of ice down the toilet before you begin your journey. As you fun down the road, the ice will clean the tank walls. Be sure you have the black tank valve shut while doing this. When you get set up at the campground, dump the tank and usually use it.

Gray Water Tank care and maintenance:

  1. Dawn® dish soap can be run through the tank. It also helps the plumbing to get rid of grease build-up. 
  2. Squeeze lemons into a glass run that through the tank for smells. 
  3. Several RV specific Gray Water tank chemicals for cleaning. 
  4. Rinse the tanks regularly by merely turning on faucets and let run for ten for fifteen minutes. 

RV toilet chemical is laxative for your black tank with a built-in stool softener. Hopefully, you are laughing!

When using toilet chemicals, more is better. I found using a lot more than just the recommended two ounces keeps smells at bay. Especially in extreme heat or cold.

To be honest, I have tried many different brands, and they all work the same. More expensive is just more costly. Pick one you like and stay with.

When you get residual smells, just add chemicals.


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