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For those of us who love our fur babies theirs just not much we wouldn’t do for them. Taking care of our fur babies is one of the families top priorities. So if life eats away at your free time consider using a dog walker.

A person that comes to your home and gives your pets some loving attention. Checking on water, food and taking your dogs out for a walk. This is also an excellent way for your pets to socialize and be social a great behavior benefit.

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We met an incredible young entrepreneur Zaklina Karbarz who has taken her passion for animals and turned it into a fun business Zs Pup Love. From an early age, Zaklina tells us “When I was in kindergarten, and my teacher asked us what we wanted to do when we grow up I wrote, ” I want to own a pet shop.”

It’s worthy of praise that Zaklina is certified in Pet First Aid & CPR. This certification is a testament to her passion for animals and pet care provider.

Here is what Zaklina says about the quality of care from her own web site:

“Two years now I have been fortunate to have my own dog walking/pet sitting business. I am CPR and first aid certified. My employees are all background checked. This is not just a job it is my passion. I have walked and sat for numerous families and their pups. I promise to take care of your furry babies as if they were my own. As a dog mom myself I know what it takes to protect and care for your pups. Dogs are simply my life. Can’t wait to meet you and your fur baby.”

Zaklina shared with us as she was browsing Amazon® she happened upon a book about dog walking. The rest they say is history. We never know when something was passioned about will hit us. It comes in something as simple as a book and hits us like a freight train.

Earlier she had embarked to school to become a pharmacy technician. Traveling from Chicago to California just soaking up life. That’s when she found the dog walking book.

After a time of meaningless jobs, first one then another she has finally found her passion. As a pet lover, she can bring that love to families in the Chicago area.

We can all learn from Zaklina’s example of jumping as Steve Harvey says. Having faith in our heart to drive us to take a chance on LIFE, not just settle for the status quo. Isn’t it time to think about are you living the life of your dreams or are you just deciding? Some of the most sage advice I would from Zaklina, she says “I finally heard the wag.” Have you heard your wag?

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Zaklina Karbarz

Zs Pup Love now has 15 clients and growing. Please visit her website and get to know this fantastic love filled business. click here for Zs Pup Love



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