Helping Hoss a Chocolate Lab

Robert Bruton Outdoor Show has a friend Hoss. He is a chocolate lab that is the world to our friend Brooke Lynn and her family. So Hoss needs help with some unexpected Medical expenses.

hoss, help, dog
Our Buddy Hoss


Here is what Brooke posted on her GoFund me page:

Our Chocolate Lab Hoss was admitted to the Pet Hospital I.C.U. on Monday Morning, January 7th, 2019.
His abdominal x rays and ultrasound proved two severe blockages; one in his stomach and one in his small intestine.
At 5 pm Hoss was taken to Emergency Surgery to save his life. Hoss was in surgery for 2 1/2 hours where they made a large 8-inch abdominal incision to remove the obstruction; this happened to be a regular dog treat thousands of dogs eat every day called, “cow hooves.”
The surgeon removed large and small pieces of hoof material from the abdomen, and he was able to “milk” smaller pieces through the small intestine without making a second incision. (Thank you, Jesus!)
Hoss came out of surgery well, and the best case scenario played out per the surgeon.

Hoss is now home. He came home Tuesday night on January 8th, 2019 and is resting comfortably.
His incision is BIG, he’s on a lot of medication, he’s lost some hair from the pre-op shave, and he will be on special food, exercise restrictions and wearing the “cone of shame! BUT…… God is AWESOME & Hoss is home!

Hoss is FAMILY! We LOVE Hoss very much! He is only 4 years old and provides so much love and life to our family. 
We don’t have a “Pet Emergency Account.” 
And so we are asking you for any help you can give for Hoss and us.
We are grateful for your love, prayers, and support.

Thank you to infinity! We will keep you posted on his condition with words, videos, and pictures.
I post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
With Much Love,
Brooke – Family- and Hoss!

Click this Link to help Hoss he has a GoFund Me page:

For any family, unexpected expenses can have devastating consequences for any of us. So tug on your heartstring a little and give what you can to help out Hoss.

Everyone at the Robert Bruton Outdoor Show wishes our fur buddy Hoss a speedy recovery!



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