Sailing the World Expedition

For many of us, we’ve enjoyed a life of work, family, etc. Time marches on taking care of our lives, and you wake up, pow, “what has my life added up to?” You want to feel like you’ve left a mark! Welcome to our Sailing Expedition!

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So as part of our Outdoor YouTube® Channel, we’re announcing our trek around the world. This journey begins today. We are starting this from scratch. You will get to follow along from today’s inception, our quest to get around the world.

Episodes will begin on YouTube® just after the New Year. A day-in-the-life journey from start-up to episodes shot on the trip.

Here are some points our episodes will cover:

  • Finding out what Captian credentials and training is required. Beginning that! 
  • Sailboat shopping and research. 
  • Navigation equipment. 
  • Plotting a course to safely navigate the world. 
  • Safety training. 
  • Scuba Diving (training & certification)

The bullet points will begin our episodes for the expedition. The fun news is we will be filming the whole journey from start to finish.

Our secondary filming will be about Wildlife we experience, travel, local flavors in ports-of-call. What fun things are available to experience everywhere we go. Local cuisine, nightlife and much more.

This journey is based on my desire to live the last half of my life doing what I love not what I have to do. My life has been about working just for a paycheck. This last year has been about changing that so that when God calls me home, I can happily tell St. Peter, “I lived!”

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Join the Robert Bruton Nation to get a first look at all our projects:

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