Dog Tearing up the House

You get your rescue dog home. The next thing you know shoes are chewed, pillows destroyed, the list goes on. Frustration sets in and you begin to feel that you made a huge mistake. Dog’s get bored or have separation anxiety and the end result, a huge mess.

Don’t despair solutions are available. It just takes a bit of training and keeping your dog’s mind active. If the house is being destroyed by the dog chances are very high your dog suffers from separation anxiety. The only way a dog takes out frustration is chewing, digging and any other sort of destructive behavior.

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Here are some tips to try to keep your dog feeling safe in the home when you’re gone:

  1. Keep your pet in a single spot in your home when gone. Don’t let them free range the house. This is just asking for trouble more when the dog is already exhibiting bad behavior. Think about crate training! Train to terms like “let’s get in your house.”
  2. Don’t freak out when you find a mess. When you yell or get excited a dog cannot discern frustration. Don’t hit the dog. Remain calm as best you can! The answer is coming further in the article.
  3. Make sure the dog has toys and chew toys. Something for them to do while you’re gone.
  4. Most trainers will tell you this does not help, but I disagree. Leaving on a TV or music helps my dogs. The reason I know this is my Glitzy loves to watch TV. She will lay on the couch and watch TV.
  5. Let your dog out, or take for a walk before you leave. Let the dog burn off some energy so your dog will come home and take a nap. Make sure dogs do their business before returning inside. The more tired and comfortable your dog is the better.
  6. Don’t leave out food when you leave. If the dog eats then, digestion begins, and accidents happen. Of course, leave the water if you will be gone for extended periods.

When you first bring home a pet, it stands to reason that they will be anxious about the new environment. This is all new to a dog so cut your pet some slack. Dog’s are pack animals and will need to accept you as part of the pack.

Not only do you need to be a part of the pack, the home basically is their den. They need to feel secure at home. Pets will also need to feel confident that when you leave, you’re coming back. All of this takes time.

You also might try short times away from home as training. Don’t make a big deal when you leave and don’t make a big deal when you come home. Excitement will only make things worse. Naturally, we want to tell our angel’s bye and make a huge deal when we get back.

Try and avoid a great deal of excitement. Acknowledge but don’t go crazy with pets until you have been in the home for a short time. Then pet your dog and give them the love they desire.

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Pets will bring you years of love and companionship. Give your fur baby a break and help them assimilate into your pack (family). Keep them isolated when you leave if they have a propensity to tear things up. Get them plenty of exercises, dog’s need to run, burn off energy. Keep toys available, chew toys so that they learn it’s okay to play with toys, not mommy’s shoes.

Don’t give up on a dog before they have time to become part of your family. Take time to train, and you should have years of loving doggie kisses.

Remember Adopt, rescue a deserving loving pet!!!

If you have any questions:

French bulldog

My Glitzy at the Beach! 

Glitzy is Happy to Help You!

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